Saturday, June 18, 2016

Variations Between RAW Converters

These are a set of images made from the same DNG file using different RAW converters.  When the converters are used to make an unaltared image, just the conversion there is little difference except that Iridient Developer seems more contrasty.

When the images are processed in the converter toward a similar rendition the differences in the way each one handles color seem more evident.  So far, Photoshop seems to be the most pleasing but I will have to experiment more to be certain.



Capture One

Sunday, June 5, 2016

At the Fair #1

This is the original M-9 File:

Just Two More

When I got home from taking these photos, I looked through my files and I was not real pleased with my work. As I looked closer and started working on them, I decided I did get some pretty good shots. I am real pleased with the results. I was using a 100-400mm lens on a crop sensor. Much of the time, I was at 300-350mm.

This was a fun day. There will be more big swells this summer. I will let you know when another is coming this way.